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CIMOLAI TECHNOLOGY is manufacturer of Modular-Service-Vehicles for tunneling projects.
These Modular Service Vehicles are transportation vehicles with pneumatic tires and all-wheel-steering for the supply of tunneling job sites.
MSV are equipped with two driver cabins, so transportation in both directions is possible.
CIMOLAI TECHNOLOGY´s system guarantees the safe positioning of different materials and equipment on the MSV.
- tubbings
- TBM components
- Concrete -Remix- Drums
- plattforms
For the transport of crew passenger cabins and refugee chambers can be mounted onto the MSV. Different high quality models of Multiple Service Units are available ranging from
60t up to 200t loading capacity.

Trackless Logisitcs

Use of pneumatic tires, make rail installation obsolete.
The key advantage of Multi Service Vehicles is their excellent all-terrain mobility even on steep slopes, so these Modular Service Vehicles are as well suitable for water power projects. The innovative independent suspensions allow all the MSV’s wheels to have always ground contact and a suitable all wheel steering system for running on tight curvature.

  • msv rescue vehicle tunneling
  • msv plattform transporter tunneling
  • msv crew transporter tunneling

Equipped according to clients request

Multi-service vehicles feed the TBM with segments and other construction materials. The basic models of each series, designed to transport segments and grout, can be equipped with an optional automatic fire extinguishing system, particulate filter and safety system for driving on transverse gradients. Other applications include support of all work in the tunnel and transport of reinforcements, rails and operating materials such as gravel, pipes, etc.
Eden Technology has also developed a powerful and
safe personnel transporter called man rider. Said vehicle carries up to 24 people inside the tunnel and the construction site and it is equipped with comfortable heated room, stretcher area and acrane to easily and safely load whatever is necessary from ground.

The MSV are as well available as well available with refugee chamber for the safe transport in an emergency.

  • cabin MSV
  • multi service vehicle plattform transporter
  • MSV Man Rider

your tunneling project

we are at your disposal in order to discuss the most suitable equipment for your tunneling project.

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