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Straddle Carriers

Straddle Carrier - what is this?

Straddle Carriers are Portal Cranes on wheels which make them independent from rails and autonomous in their power supply.
Straddle Carriers are therefore particularly suitable for the use on jobsites and storage areas where an installation of rails is not economically reasonable or practical.
The Straddle Carriers can either be used in single operation or in tandem operation.

Use your facility flexible, you are not fixed to a certain layout.
When you face high cost for auto cranage, a straddle carrier might help reduce your cost

  • 140 ton SC CIMOLAI Hedke
    height adjustment possible

where Straddle Carriers are (typically) used:

Job Sites or Strorage Areas where an installation of rails is either not economically or not practical and where heavy loads must be transported safely are the typical sites for a straddle carrier.

when is a straddle carrier used?

A Straddle Carrier can be used for safe transporting all kinds of heavy loads.
Usually we are called when the layout of the yard shall be used flexible, heavy loads need to be lifted and transported and autco cranage cost are getting too high.
Below we give you a brief review on tasks solved in the past:
We look forward to the meeting your challenges.

Examples of Applications:

  • Precast Concrete Segment handling and storing

  • Tubbing handling

  • Transport of Rotor blades for the Windmill Energy Towers

  • wind mill power generators. Handling and storing

  • Handling of Transformers

  • Transport and Handling of Containers

  • Tunnelboaring Machine assembly (TBM)

  • Supply of tunnel jobsites through deep shafts

  • placing of high speed railway elements

  • handling and storing of transformers

  • handling and storing of steel sheets (+vaccum spreaders)

  • steelmill applications, handling and storing of raw and finished products

  • (your task)...

  • 120 ton capacity Straddle Carrier
  • 120 ton SC wind energy
  • 60 ton Capacity telescopic Straddle Carrier
  • 320 ton capacity SC
  • 100 ton marine boat hoist
  • 125 ton SC
  • straddle carrier precast yard
  • straddle carrier container handling
  • 140 ton SC CIMOLAI Hedke
  • straddle carrier windmill rotor bladehandling

follow your requirements

Your Load - our solutions

We have decades of experience in technical sales and distribution of Straddle Carriers, Gantry Cranes and special purpose vehicles. Over the years we have realized multiple machines in the capacities from 10 ton to 3000 ton.

We would be pleased to make you a quotation tailor-made to your requirements.
Contact us and we will evaluate the basics of your requirements together with you in order to offer you the solution that meets your special purpose the best.

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