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Gantry Cranes

Configuration of the right Gantry Crane

We design and deliver rail guided Gantry Cranes according to your requirements in the capacities from 10 to 3000 ton.
Whether you need to use the Crane in single or tandem operation, outside or inside tunnels.
Let us know your requirements and we will find the correct solution for your special application.

Typical Applications for Gantry Cranes:

  • Precast Yards with a continuous layout over several years and a consistent line of products

  • Supply of tunnel job sites and other applications without the requirement to high mobility

  • Saw Mills and Timbering

  • Production sites and storage areas with a requirement for cranes with a high capacity and wide spans.

  • Steel Industry

  • ...

  • 340 ton capacity gantry crane
  • gantry cranes
  • gantry crane cantilver tunneling
  • gantry crane with cantilver tunneling tbm assembly
  • gantry crane cantilver tunneling tubbing handling
  • tbm assembly

what can we do for you?

We are availabel to discuss your specific requirements:
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