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Mobile Boat Hoists

Boat and Yacht handling

Mobile Boat Hoists (MBH) allow the safe lifting of boats from the water for maintenance, repair oder storing.
You can transport the boat on the shipyard and bring it back to water.

Optionally we can offe rthe Mobile Boat Hoists able to vary the track under load. in order to safe precious space in the harbour.
Additional transport systems may be made obsolete.

Mobile Boat Hoist suitable for Motor- and Sailing yachts

The Mobile Boat Hoists (MBH) are designed in such a way that motor boats and sailing yachts can be handled.
The lifting height depends on the local conditions.

  • 200 ton Capacity Mobile Boat Hoist
  • marine boat hoist
  • 300 ton Capacity mobile boat hoist
  • 500 ton mobile boat hoist
  • 900 ton marine boat hoist
  • 560 ton marine boat hoist

optimize the use of your permisses

optimized use of your permisses with MOBILE BOAT HOISTS (MBH)

The limited space in shipyards, harbours, marinas and Yachting centers can be used at its best by employing a MOBILE BOAT HOIST.
Thanks to the all wheel steering the Mobile Boat Hoist can rotate on the spot and travel in a 90° angle.


for optimizing the use of the available space, we offer the possibility to adjust the track of the trollift under load.
Save space, time and possible other handling equipment.

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